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Today, we are launching our 2021 LinkedIn Top Companies list, our fifth-annual ranking of the 50 best workplaces to grow your career. These 50 companies help employees build a professional foundation that sets them up for uss express employer review success both at the company and beyond. According to research from the Federal Reserve Economic Data , health care has now surpassed both manufacturing and retail as the engine for employment growth in the coming decades.

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Hewlett-Packard Co. had 331,800 workers worldwide as of last October. In May 2012, HP announced it would cut 29,000 employees by fiscal 2014, both through voluntary retirement and job cuts. As of March, the company still had 15,000 more jobs that needed to be cut to reach these goals, according to ComputerWorld.

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Your colleagues are legitimately smart and always interested in helping you progress your career,” one employee writes. “Pay is generous and grows quickly if you do well. “From its openness to its diversity, Facebook has truly surpassed all tech companies in terms of culture, perks, and employee lifestyle,” one employee writes. “a lot of career growth opportunities and the ability to move into new roles and new groups,” one account manager writes.

  • Can you name any of the 10 biggest employers in the United States?
  • IBM is also one of the world’s most vital corporate research organizations, with 28 consecutive years of patent leadership.
  • Workers will be able to request written approval for extended work-from-home setups.
  • The home improvement retailer had just under 2,000 stores in the U.S., 180 in Canada and 100 in Mexico.
  • As of March, the company still had 15,000 more jobs that needed to be cut to reach these goals, according to ComputerWorld.

We are committed to being a responsible technology innovator and a force for good in the world. This global consulting group gets 4.4 stars from its employees, one of whom writes that the company has a “collaborative culture with people who truly care about your personal development.” It’s the largest private employer in the US and the privately owned company with the most employees. In 2017, it sold more groceries than the largest grocery store chain in the US, Kroger. Hi Daniel Roth #iwork4dell and I’m witnessing the greatest era in digital transformation when it comes to keeping companies connected & businesses flourishing. I’m so proud to work for a company with such growth and the understanding that you don’t have to give up on your company, employees and the way you do business. With the latest cloud services & storage options for data you just have to fine-tune how you do business and get more innovative and creative to get ahead of this shift.


“You have an opportunity to make a difference, take charge of your own career and aspirations,” one employee writes. “The culture is one that fosters accountability and action in all of us.” I’d have to agree with what many others already mention about this list.

General Electric Co. is one of the few U.S.-based public companies that employed more than 300,000 full and part-time workers. Of these employees, the company noted, roughly 134,000 worked in the United States. If not for its shedding of NBC Universal, these figures would have been higher. GE’s former subsidiary, now owned by Comcast, had 14,000 employees as of 2010. GE has long been a major source of technological innovation, from incandescent lighting to the refrigerator and the jet engine.

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