I wish I had outsourced the order handling and shipping tasks earlier!

logistics company testimonials

It is always a blessing when my customer gets news that could get them worked up and they are just tickled to death that someone is communicating with them. Sweetwater Logistics has been instrumental in my ability to focus on expanding my business into new markets and driving sales. I wish I had outsourced the order handling and shipping tasks earlier! Steve takes an active role in trying to identify new opportunities and ways to grow my business.

logistics company testimonials

Consequently, customer service is a cornerstone of our business. I use Matchmaker Logistics because they share our same value system.

Auto Shipment To Germany From The Us

We have been working with Rachael Ulale from Schumacher Cargo Logistics for many years, Rachael is the best ! Nothing was too much for her, she always answered my calls and was able to give us the answers to any problems we had. All told, the customer service provided by Filip was exceptional. Our initial conversations that took place when I was just inquiring made the difference in whom I would ultimately transport with. While other companies could not be bothered, Filip took interest in my project and it showed. I’ve joined many social media groups on Land Rovers and have given Filip’s contact information to others like me as my customer service experience was excellent. I’m certain I will buy another Defender (it’s an incurable disease) and rest assured Filip and Schumacher will certainly get my business again.

logistics company testimonials

All in all, I wish I had more things to transport, so nice was this experience. Working in the travel industry, I recognize SERVICE when I receive it, and this company has done uss express reviews a great job. We used Schumacher as they gave a great original experience when they acted as receiving agent receiving and delivering our goods from the UK some 30 years ago.

Household Goods Import

IE I found a company that half the costs of Schumacher! However, the old saying that “you get what you pay for? My sales representative, Nathan Stowell certainly was upfront and honest through the entire process. His professionalism and experience definitely not go unmentioned. Nathan walked me through all of this small print mentioned.

  • Ergo, I was on the telephone and the Internet for what seemed like hours.
  • As a cost-savings strategy, the company had implemented a Transportation Management System to minimize LTL hits and bundle shipments together.
  • I WILL RECOMEND Schumacher Cargo Logistics ANY TIME. THANK YOU ALL.
  • It was a total success, all the goods arrived in extraordinary shape and the team did a very good job.
  • Pamela Elliott even though I could not provide her with appropriate documentation as to why the payment was late , Pamela Elliott took me at my word and waived said fees!?!

My point is that these professional people are in good, if not great people and they treated me as a person. In closing, if you want professional people like taking care of your items that are important to you and care about you? Schumacher is the answer to your moving needs. Once again, I have NEVER given 5 Stars to any service or product before. Also I have never written such a long review! Over the last 18 years many of us have worked with STC Logistics.

Move To The Usa

I received timely notifications as to the status of my shipment and whenever I sent an email with questions, I received prompt replies. My shipment took longer to arrive that I expected, but the fact that I knew what was going on every step of the way made me less frantic. I would definitely recommend this company should you be shipping goods uss express reviews from one country to another. I would certainly recommend Schumacher to anyone needing to ship their precious cargo over a long distance. Everything was personally packed very carefully by a friendly and strong team. Administration staff at both ends were professional and very helpful and their quoted prices were definitely the best.

Motorcycle Shipment To Europe

I recommend very highly Schumacher Cargo Logistics to anyone needing to move personal belongings internationally. We found them highly dedicated to the service as one of the best companies during the course of our business.

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