How To Respond To A Negative Glassdoor Review

Over her 20-year legal marketing career, she has worked at and with a broad range of big law, mid-size and small firms, which has given her a valuable perspective of the legal industry. Connect with her on LinkedIn,Twitter,YouTube, Instagram,sign up for her email listandfollow her latest writing on JD Supra. If you know who the reviewer is and they were actually an employee of your business, there is a chance you could be facing a contentious lawsuit. Filing an internet defamation lawsuit requires both tact and strategy, so it is crucial to discuss the potential risks, expenses, defenses, and privileges with an experienced lawyer.

  • This information alone doesn’t necessarily help someone find a job.
  • If your company has many Glassdoor reviews, it shows that people who work for you use the website.
  • People who want to complain are more likely to use Glassdoor to vent their frustrations and dissatisfaction with their role and relationships within the company.
  • This means your options for directly removing a bad Glassdoor review are limited (we’ll explain other possibilities below).
  • If you have a topic that you’d like my take on, please reach out to me.

The CEO of Zillow (a $300M+ company) responds personally and frequently to reviews on Glassdoor. This will give you access to all the reviews about your company, you’ll have the ability to respond to any reviews, and flag something if it seems inappropriate. If a preponderance of negative reviews with legitimate concerns comes in from social media about a particular department or area of your company, look into it and take corrective measures as needed. Using these reviews constructively, you can work to promote positivity in your work environment. If your company recently had a negative review on a social media channel, it is likely that job candidates you interview will have also seen it.


If the negatives are big things–the CEO is a micromanager; the culture is unsupportive, etc.–that’s a bad sign. It’s possible to work with a company where the negatives are small things that can be improved, such as inadequate benefits, or insufficient training. Poor leadership and culture emanates from the top and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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Great tools to help an applicant find and apply for jobs. And it seems that they have a better insight to companies looking for applicants.

Evil Company Aim To Destroy All

Even though we’ve had a good laugh reviewing these ridiculous reviewss, we have to admit some of these complaints aren’t articulated as well as they could’ve been. If a manager or CEO read some of these, they’d probably think twice about their businesses and the managers who run them, but some would just be confused. That’s why it’s important to be accurate in your review, even if you left on a bad note.

glassdoor review

This makes it easier to attract quality reviews in the future. Once your account is verified, you can respond to employee reviews and manage your brand on Glassdoor. Chances are, you already have a Glassdoor page with negative reviews on it. As a general rule, I’ve found that most business owners tend not to care about Glassdoor until they notice an issue. I looked into getting a part time job recently that would be flexible with my schedule. My daughter suggested using Glassdoor to look for jobs.

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